This is simply pulling defensemen out of the regular 'Rankings' list and adding a few more at the bottom. Ratings are a reflection of a player's trade value in 'rollover' fantasy hockey pools. They reflect a players predicted points, historical points, injury risk, team "reputation/potential powerhouse" value, powerplay time, and long-term potential.  Basically, if you are in a keeper league, this is my opinion based on my statistical model of a player's 'trade value'.  Naturally, individual trades would depend on the direction you are taking with your team at the present. 


October 2014 complete



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+1 #3 Dobber 2014-09-05 12:27
I answered this in the forum, but basically he should be around 60 or 70. It's a flaw in the formula that punishes 40-point players (or lower-point players like that) if they are injured for a couple of months. And he is out until December
#2 MacLiii 2014-09-05 03:26
Did you miss Olli Maata or is he really ranked lower than the last few on the list?
#1 Excelsior 2014-07-15 14:46
There are a few players listed twice- Tyutin- 101 & 94,
Nurse 84 & 101, Reinhart 90 & 101.

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