This week the Journey drills deep on Oilers' goalie Ben Scrivens... 

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#2 Makepie 2014-08-09 08:53
The only misleading part about the article is when you pull out the save percentage comparison from last season, where he had almost half his starts on a cup winning kings team. If you take the oilers numbers alone, then his sv% falls to 0.916, and he is passed by another 8 goalies who had played more than 40 games while posting a better sv%.
This is a much smaller sample size, but even if he improves slightly on the 0.916 sv% and the 3.01GAA he had with the oilers last season, to me he is still a long way from an elite option.
#1 OceanMon 2014-08-09 01:48
Great article! Thanks!

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