Looking Ahead 2015: Week 25

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Looking at the best NHL schedules for fantasy hockey for what's left of Week 25...

Dobber here, subbing in for Mike Schmidt who was unable to submit last week. Since the column is four days late, it's an abbreviated version today and we'll be back in full on Friday again.

Love ‘Em (These squads are sure to pay dividends in the coming week)

Columbus - From March 31 through the end of the season, the Blue Jackets play seven games. Just five teams can say that, but only Columbus can say that they have five of those seven games at home. Besides the home ice advantage, they also have the red hot Scott Hartnell and the second star of the week in the NHL for last week - Cam Atkinson. Also, the Blue Jackets have a recent history of very strong finishes to the regular season.

Detroit - Another team with seven games left in 12 days, they have four home games. The Red Wings have lost just eight times in regulation at home, which is tied for the fewest in the entire league.


Leave ‘Em (These squads will leave fantasy owners sorely disappointed for the immediate future)

Anaheim - The Ducks are the only team with fewer than five games in the 12 days between March 31 and April 11. And while three of the four are at home and the teams are relatively easy (includes Arizona and Edmonton), the lack of games left should be enough of a deterrent.

Dallas - The Stars are one of five teams with five games left on the slate during the aforementioned window, but they have arguably the toughest schedule. No Edmontons, no Buffalos, no Torontos, no Arizonas.

You can review/customize the schedules to take a look at what best fits your needs using this handy tool here.




Monday, March 30 to Sunday, April 05

Best Bets

Chicago 4.29 - four games LA VAN BUF and STL

Buffalo 4.29 - four games ARI TOR CHI NYI

Toronto 4.10 - four games incl BUF and rival OTT

Ottawa 4.09 - four games, tough sched other than TOR

Montreal 4.04 - four games, tough sched other than NJ

Steer Clear

Minnesota 2.00 - NYR and DET

Winnipeg 2.00 - NYR and VAN

Nashville 2.21 - VAN and DAL

NY Islanders 2.21 - BUF is one of them, but other is on road at CBJ

Anaheim 2.42 - EDM and COL

Tuesday, March 31 to Monday, April 06

Best Bets

San Jose 4.71 - four games, three at home. Play ARI x2

Buffalo 4.20 - four games, three at home incl vs. TOR

Carolina 4.20 - four games, though three on the road. Play BUF once

Toronto 4.10 - four games including BUF on the road

Ottawa 4.09 - four games including TOR on the road

Steer Clear

Calgary 2.19 - two road games, though one is against EDM

Arizona 2.20 - two games, back-to-backs against SJ

Nashville 2.21 - two home games

NY Islanders 2.21 - two games, one against BUF

Anaheim - two relatively easy home games, but only the two.

Wednesday, April 01 to Tuesday, April 07

Best Bets

San Jose 4.71 - four games, three home games, two games vs. ARI. Gold!

Los Angeles 4.51 - four games, two vs. EDM? Yes please.

Carolina 4.29 - four games, incl one at BUF

Chicago 4.24 - four games, three at home and the road game is against BUF

Buffalo 4.20 - four games, three at home, one vs. TOR

Steer Clear

Tampa Bay 2.00 - two games, both on the road

Nashville 2.20 - two games, @COL and vs. DAL

Boston 2.21 - two games, including vs. TOR

Anaheim 2.42 - two games, though both are easy home games as noted

New Jersey 2.64 - three games, but all three are very tough

Thursday, April 02 to Wednesday, April 08

Best Bets

Los Angeles 4.51 - four games, two against EDM

Carolina 4.29 - four games, three on road

Chicago 4.24 - four games, three at home

Columbus 4.22 - four games, three at home incl TOR

Ottawa 4.13 - four games, three at home

Steer Clear

Anaheim 2.31 - two home games

Tampa Bay - 2.00 - just two road games

New Jersey 2.64 - three games but all three are tough

Nashville 2.20 - two games, one at home

Colorado 2.66 - three games against tough teams





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