August 03, 2010 – Fantasy Hockey Guide is Updated

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The Curse of Dobber's Lowdown? First James Wisniewski, and now Tim Kennedy - both profiled in the Fantasy Guide. Both moving onto new cities. Twenty-eight to go!


Buffalo has completed Tim Kennedy's buyout, according to James Mirtle. There should be no shortage of cheap suitors for a young, proven NHLer with upside and a low price tag. (I don't know if I could be any clearer Mr. Shero - shall I import a neon sign?)


Anaheim has signed defenseman Andy Sutton. It wasn't on the replay, I'm not an expert - but I saw it. (Footage of this funny interview posted below - couldn't resist).


This doesn't change my opinion that Cam Fowler makes the Ducks. However, this signing combined with - say - a trade for Bieksa or Kaberle, then yes it would be tough to see Fowler overcoming that. Fowler is not NHL ready, but I just get the impression that the Ducks really want him to succeed quickly.


Glen Metropolit has signed to play in Switzerland next year.


Seriously agents - knock your asking price down or your client will be in a beer league next year. GM's have screwed themselves and there is no salary to spare...


I'll be honest with you - I don't see Niemi playing in the NHL this season unless it's with the Islanders. Back to Europe for a year a la Ray Emery. How is that for a Stanley Cup Champion netminder? As for the Isles, well they are known for getting great deals and they are also known for signing three goalies. Just sayin'...


Buffalo has signed Shaone Morrisonn.


Larry Brooks reported on Twitter that the Kovalchuk hearing will being Wednesday and we could have a decision by Friday.


The Ryasensky changes in the Fantasy Guide didn't get done yesterday - when the Niemi/Turco issue came up, I threw up my hands and decided to do both analysis today rather than tackle one and then post, and then tackle the other. Still the only Fantasy Guide on the market - yet when the other mags hit the shelves next week they'll still have Niemi on Chicago.


The Thrashers will buy out both Brashear and Rissmiller today. Had they bought out Tood White it would have hit their cap a lot harder. Meanwhile, the Rangers get a decent, but declining third liner - which is much better than a bench-warmer - for their cap hit.


Puck Daddy's Dmitry Chesnokov is reporting that Evgeni Skatchkov claims that he did not officially sign with the Blues and that he has a better offer from Ak Bars of the KHL - this is the crap us poolies have to put up with from young Russia prospects. Lots of the "will he, or won't he" game makes it tough to select them. Even when it looks like they're on the team, they may not be on the team.


TSN is reporting that Mike Modano signing with Detroit is imminent.


Are you an expert?




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