August 26, 2013

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The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for the small price of $9.99 - and it comes with an updated spreadsheet, free. Updates are all free, download as often as you'd like. Last update was Monday the 19th. I put in an updated spreadsheet Saturday, but that was just fixes on some missing information (the lookup formulas weren't pulling properly on a handful of players). The Grabovski signing will be in the next update (by Tuesday, latest).


I'm so excited to hear from Teemu Selanne this week, and whether he will play for one more year or retire - (is what I said in 2009).

I'm so excited to hear from Teemu Selanne this week, and whether he will play for one more year or retire - (is what I said in 2010).

I'm so…uh…interested…to hear from Teemu Selanne this week, and whether he will play for one more year or retire - (is what I said in 2011).

I'm so … what were we talking about? Oh. Selanne. Yeah. - (is what I said in 2012).

Zzzzzzzz… (2013)

Anyway, the official announcement will be made this week. And my gut tells me that Selanne will do what Brett Hull did in 2005. He may last a few more games (Hull played five before he retired). But Selanne was almost a liability in the second half last season. I don't believe that there is much in the tank, regardless of how hard he's working out. More on Selanne over at The Hockey Writers.


Former New Jersey prospect goaltender Jeff Frazee has signed to play in Italy next year.


Shocker: The Oilers released prospect Toni Rajala. An explanation of that move can be found here, but basically they wanted to keep the number of contracts down (46 instead of 47). Rajala wanted to go back to Europe and they didn't want to loan him. They're already doing that with two players. Here is the Fantasy Prospects Report write-up on Rajala:


Toni Rajala, C/W (TY 110)

(LY – 158)

Outside of the Oilers NHL prospects who played the lockout in the AHL, Rajala has been the Oklahoma City’s best player. Because top line minutes were at a premium until January, he was bounced up and down to the ECHL for major minutes. In the AHL he leads the team’s forwards in plus/minus and is collecting points at almost a point-per-game clip. He has a slender build on his 5-10 frame, but in minor pro he has been elusive enough to be an impact player. He will be hard-pressed to forge himself a role amongst the current talent, but his puck dispersal skills and responsible play may just create an opening for him to play in specialized roles soon.

Upside – Brian Gionta (30-40-70, 40 PIM)

3YP – (20-25-45, 30 PIM)
Certainty (NHL, Upside) – 65%, 35%

Expected arrival – Will have cups of coffee with club/get a look this year, full-time in 2014-15

DobberHockey Draft Advice – Take in a late round if you can afford to wait a few years on a potential star.

And Rajala's fantasy profile here.


The feeling around Toronto regarding Nazem Kadri is - he may miss two or three games to start the season before he gets signed, similar to PK Subban last year. Kadri is looking for 'proven player' money, at upwards of $5 million over the long term, whereas the Leafs are more realistic, coming in around $3 million.


HockeyBuzz blogger Travis Yost has reported over the past month or so, in several articles, about how the Ottawa Senators and owner Eugene Melnyk are in serious financial trouble. And on Sunday, Yost's entire work on HockeyBuzz and Twitter were deleted, apparently from a hacker. Here is Puck Daddy's take on it, but I think the hacker's efforts are having the reverse affect. Now the issue is being talked about everywhere, instead of buried. Were it not for the hack, this issue wouldn't be on DobberHockey, I'll tell you that right now.


Last week I made note of Yahoo! releasing the rankings and opening up the leagues, but that didn't happen. So the DobberHockey series of articles over at Puck Daddy is also delayed. They're done, we're just waiting for the big release and then you will see the flow of DH content over at PD. Angus, Amato, Laidlaw and myself pen the pieces.


Yesterday I made note of Teuvo Teräväinen's fine play in mini-camp, and then noted that he has a real shot at making the team. But it turns out that he will be playing in Finland for another season before crossing the pond. A good move and the Hawks can certainly afford to wait.

Yesterday I also touched on Carolina's new prospect Sergey Tolchinsky. His DobberProspects profile can be found here.


Anatoliy Metter gives us his list of rookies and young guns on the rise over at The Hockey Writers.


Toni Rajala highlights. Some sweet moves here:



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