August 4, 2009

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Forum still being fixed. I try to improve the forum...and end up wrecking everything. Sorry everyone!


That was horrible - I thought July 1st was bad. Over six hours down last night.Back now and I hope for good. Some lessons were learned (like do not push the red button).


Patrick Eaves has signed with the Red Wings. I'll analyze that one shortly.


Teppo Numminen has announced his retirement.


Jeremy Roenick is expected to announce his retirement this week. Stay tuned...


The Rangers have decided to walk away from Zherdev's contract, as expected. He was awarded $3.9 million, which was only off by $650,000 from what the Rangers were looking to pay, but they walk anyway and Zherdev has become an unrestricted free agent. New York is not known to make smart money decisions, but this was a very good one. Suddenly, Grachev sees a small opening that he could walk through and make the team. I think some teams will be tire-kicking, such as Toronto - but at a slightly lower price. If Zherdev isn't happy with that, he is off to the KHL.


The big news of yesterday - um, Blake Comeau re-signed with the Isles for two years. That actually does have an impact in that the team will probably not sign Miro Satan now. They were using Satan talks as leverage with Comeau.


Kevin Cheveldayoff was named the assistant GM for the Blackhawks. That's news because he was a favorite to become the next NHL GM, given his incredible work done with the Wolves of the AHL. A 544-320-114 record, to be exact. In three years, he'll be an NHL GM somewhere.


Check out this revealing article about 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours' culture of big business and politicians. Sarah Fenske looks at Glendale and the city's relations with Jerry Reinsdorf. Now it seems like it's just a mission of the league to put in anyone but Balsillie even if the situation offered is just as bad.


Steve Zipay is reporting that the Leafs could be talking with the Rangers about Zherdev. The Rangers have until noon today to accept the award.


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