Crosby snub? June 14, 2009

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French version up.


One small change to the Prospects Report - we added a pick for 112 in the Mock. That's uploaded now. Sorry about that, fortunately, it only affects the handful of people who have uploaded so far.


Fantasy Prospects Report - fully updated and available for download now (English only).


The update to the Fantasy Prospects Report will be ready later tonight - Bugg is putting the finishing touches on his Mock Draft.


Spector hits the nail on the head when he opines that Boston has two choices: "re-sign Kessel but move a player or two to free up the cap space to do so, or move Kessel if his salary demands prove too pricey for Chiarelli." The NHL rumor master will be a guest on Dobber Nation (don't forget - this month it will be out on June 29 to capture the Draft magic and set up the free agency).


Sidney Crosby's reaction to Kris Draper saying that he snubbed Nik Lidstrom for a handshake. Not fantasy worthy, but that's how it is when summer hits - I don't like having blank ramblings!


Crosby's injury in Game 7 was "just a nasty charley horse".


Nik Lidstrom was struggling throughout the Final with the nastiest of injuries - his testicles. Patrick Sharp speared him in the 'nads in the third round and Lidstrom had to play through that after missing the last two games of that round. He underwent surgery on the injury and was good enough to play seven more games, but probably would not have had it been the regular season. No lingering effects are expected (but try explaining that to his wife!)


The Flyers are reportedly interested in bringing back Robert Esche, who has found his game in the KHL. His KHL team would need to find a replace before they would release him, but this would be a cheap solution to their goaltending problem. With the Flyers investing so much cash in their forwards, having an Emery-Esche tandem (or an "E-E" tandem, which could end up being "EEK!") would allow them to perhaps retain Joffrey Lupul, who is the leading candidate to be traded given that he doesn't have a NTC. Emery and Esche would obviously be high risk/high reward. The team could look really bad, or absolutely brilliant with these moves. I think both of these goalies make a solid No.3 on a fantasy squad, so if you fail to land Emery, you would almost be as well to nab Esche. Although Emery would be the No.1 guy on the team, we all know that could change pretty quickly.





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