October 31, 2009

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T.J. Galiardi is out four to six weeks for the Avs. He is in a walking cast and has an ankle injury. Ryan Stoa is a team-worst minus-4 in the AHL, so don't look for him to be recalled at all soon.


Nashville has sent Cal O'Reilly down. Where is the O'Reilly that impressed so much back in March?


The Kings have returned Trevor Lewis to the AHL. Scott Parse has performed tremendously. After seeing some time in the ECHL, he had some modest AHL numbers last season. This year, he must have got rid of the kryptonite. Eleven points in seven AHL games before getting called up to LA and posting three in four. Keep him on your radar.


As a result of my moving "complications", the rankings will not be up until November 3rd.


As a result of my moving "complications", we are considering cancelling our current Dobber Nation and putting up a new, "special" one later this week. Walker tells me that he has a couple of fantastic (and you know I pull through when I say "fantastic") guests. We may post this special episode AND the dated episode at the same time.


Tomas Fleischmann tallied a pair of goals despite just 13:55 of ice time. I've had a really strong feeling about a breakout for Flash this year, but he was derailed by a blood clot. Now back, look for him to take a charge at 60 points in 70 games. Optimistic? That's how I roll baby. I get this feeling, though, that he will always be a little fragile.


Kunitz has found his groove. After finally scoring his first goal the other day, he followed it up with his second next game. His heating up will help Crosby's points, ironically. Crosby was missing a crapload of assists by setting up Kunitz for the miss. When Kunitz converts, Sid gets more points.


Alex Goligoski - 12 points in 13 games. I've said it before and I'll say it again - the next Mike Green.


Instead of Jordan Staal getting Malkin's power-play time, it's been the hot Chris Kunitz and the vet Bill Guerin. The Pens have been riding the PP1 very hard and so PP2 hasn't seen much action at all. Frankly, I'd be playing Staal over Guerin. Staal can really create, and he's clutch.


Jiri Tlusty played 14 minutes in his return to the NHL. Stalberg, meanwhile, assisted in his first game in the AHL this year.


How long is James Sheppard going to stay up? He really needs to dominate the AHL for a season and get his confidence back.


Is Chris Higgins out because of the flu? Or because he's sucking? Two points in 13 games...


Sean Avery has been "limping badly" according to Steve Zipay and missed last night's contest with that knee injury. His knee already caused him to miss four games earlier on, so unless he sits out a good week and lets it rest, he may sporadically miss games for the next couple of months.


Sergei Shirokov is off to Manitoba again. It's the right thing to do. Eventually, this year, one of his recalls will result in some numbers that cause him to stick. If Grabner can do it, then so could he.


Still not "online" folks. Hopefully back to normal on Monday, but for now bear with the lateness. I did access my emails though, so that's solved.


To expand on my moving situation, for those who are bored and feel like some extra reading - I am all moved in, half the stuff still in boxes - but the key stuff is all hooked up (computers, tv's, entertainment system, etc). I had Internet set up for Monday the 26th, however it relies on the phone being hooked up - and they realized by the 27th that they couldn't transfer my number to that area. So they scrambled to get me a new number, which couldn't be done until Friday (yesterday). At that point, I was "hooked up" - except, I'm not... so now they have to send a guy. This guy is coming Sunday. Normally I would say that it would for sure be solved and up by Sunday, but we have to take off for the afternoon (a fundraiser - important) so if he happens to show up in the afternoon and needs to get into the house (they don't think he will, but if he does) then I'm screwed probably until Tuesday.  So bottom line - I gave them a two-day buffer to hook me up and have a seamless transition, but I needed about a six-day buffer instead. D'oh!


PS - it's a bigger hassle because I quit Rogers. Quitting Rogers these days is like trying to leave the Mafia. But instead of getting hit with many baseball bats, they hit you with fees and excuses. I'll rant about them in the forum later in the week



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